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"But the Lord answered her, 'Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; there is need of only one thing.'"

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ten Months

Looking back I realized I never did a nine months post.  We closed on a house the day after she turned nine months so between packing, renovations, moving, and Christmas it didn't happen.  Hopefully a post about home improvement soon.

But now the Munchkin is 10 months old.  Hard to believe I need to start planning her first birthday party (Hippo theme, in case you were wondering).  She is a lot of fun right now.  We've gotten into a pretty good routine of naps and sleeping schedule.  She typically takes a nap in the morning and afternoon, sometimes a second in the late afternoon.  She goes to bed around 9, sleeps until around 4, nurses and then goes back to bed until 7ish.  In just the last couple of days she's been regularly standing on her own.  She likes to hold her hands in the air to show how proud she is of herself (and she knows we'll praise her every time she does it).  She's a fast crawler and pulls herself up on everything.  We've got three and a half teeth that she uses to eat everything.  I'm not having to puree foods very often anymore because she's such a good eater and likes to feed herself.  I've trying to give her water and at this point she prefers drinking from an open cup rather than a sippee cup.  Around this time the books say she's supposed to get that separation anxiety but she hasn't had it at this point.  Little L is talking more- dada, yaya, mama.  When we're eating she says num num.

Things that she loves-
Mirrors!  We have lots of them in our new house and she likes to wave at herself.
Eating whatever she can find on the floor.  I am sweeping a lot more often now.
Cords.  I blame her Papa Alex for introducing these to her over Thanksgiving.
Her Little People nativity set and Noah's Ark from her grandparents.

As I'm unpacking I'm considering what we can and can't have out for her to get into.  Would appreciate any tips from experienced parents on babyproofing.  We want her to learn what she can and can't touch, especially if she is at other homes that aren't baby friendly but we also want to make our home safe.  Any product recommendations?

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