Luke 10:41-42

"But the Lord answered her, 'Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; there is need of only one thing.'"

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Almost one year later...

Look at that!  The last time I wrote anything was for Bubba's first birthday.  Over the weekend we celebrated his second birthday.  It was a couple weeks early because we had family in town to meet his new baby sister.  Because I am on leave with a newborn I was limited with time and money but was still able to out together a cute little construction themed party since he is all about anything that has wheels. Here's the Pinterest board that was my inspiration.

These are the signs that were scattered all over the house.

I was too cheap to buy caution tape but I found yellow streamers at home.  

I used trucks he had around the house for decoration. I bought the banner at Hobby Lobby.

My mom made a pumpkin pie.  She used dyed coconut for the grass.

The utensils were a big hit with the birthday boy!  I stacked 2 round chocolate cakes and used chocolate icing and crushed Oreos.

 Here are the treat bags. My hubby let me borrow a toolbox.

I found the hard hat at Hobby Lobby and made his dump truck shirt using iron transfer paper.

The weather was great and the kids had a blast playing outside.  Grateful for our birthday boy and all the friends and family that celebrated with us.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dino-mite Birthday

We celebrated Bubba's birthday last weekend!  We were blessed with perfect weather.  Thanks to inspiration from Pinterest I was able to put together a nice dinosaur themed party with not a lot of effor or money.

I cut out some tracks leading up to the front door.  See the pumpkin we never carved from Halloween?

My wonderfully creative friend took care of the cake.  I made 2 chocolate round cakes. She used chocolate frosting and crushed chocolate chip cookies.  I bought the dinosaurs from Dollar Tree.
My sweet sister-in-law made cupcakes and we added dino tracks to them.
Lime sherbet and 7up for the Prehistoric Punch.

I bought dino-shaped chicken nuggets and the Bugles were a big hit!
The herbivores had a veggie tray.

My husband's aunt used the Cricut to make the dinosaurs and my friend drew the landscape..  About a year ago we took down the mirror that was in dining room and covered the area with chalkboard paint.

I used free dino themed printables.

It was the perfect day to play outside.  Poppa kept the kiddos entertained. 

Store-bought sugar cookies.  Right after I took them out of the oven Big Sis used a toy dinosaur to make fossil cookies for the treat bags.

Instead of gifts we asked for donations of diapers that we donated to a ministry for women in crisis pregnancies.  Our friends and family were very generous.  The best gift was being together to celebrate our sweet boy!  Next post will be an update on all the fun things the kiddos are learning.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Three years and four months

These kiddos are growing so fast.  Here's what they've been doing lately:

First the munchkin-
Through a friend's post on Instagram, I've discovered the term threenager.  That is the perfect word for her.  Check out this blog for a description.  There are times every day when the hubby look at each other, shake our heads, and ask each other, "Where on earth did she learn that?" We still have the occasional accident, usually overnight, but I feel safe in saying she's potty trained.

Current loves-
Strawberry Shortcake (Is the Daniel Tiger phase over?)
Riding her tricycle
Reading books in bed
Wearing her dressup high heels around the house and her Spiderman boots everywhere else
Kissing her baby brother
Stalling going to sleep
Art projects
Playing with her doctor kit
Goldfish crackers

She weighs about 35 pounds but is still on the short side for length.  Her confidence makes up for her size!

Now for bubba!  He has been just the best addition to our family, full of smiles, and getting bigger by the minute. He's in a pretty consistent routine of eat, play, and sleep and generally easy to please. Not really interested in rolling yet but he can sit in his Bumbo well.

Current loves-
Milk-bottle or nursing, formula or breastmilk, he drinks it all
Snuggling-he always sleeps longer when he's held
Being swaddled at night
Watching his sister
Putting things in his mouth-paci, fingers, toys
Playing in the bouncer

At his last checkup he was just under 16 pounds and in the 99%ile for length.  We just did a big reorganization of clothes and he's can already wear some size 6 and 9 months, especially with the cloth diapers.  He's paying attention when we eat, and given his appetite, solids are coming soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


We celebrated the munchkin's third birthday recently. She has been obsessed with Daniel Tiger for the last 9 months so when I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she said a tiger cake. For her first birthday the weather was cool & damp; last year it was sunny and 70.  We decided to take a chance and have the party at a nearby park. But it rained most of the day so we had to cram about 45 people in our house. It was crowded and chaotic but everyone had fun, and it forced us to clean our house...twice.

Here is the cake my wonderful friend decorated.  I made 2 round cakes and 2 cupcakes and she did the rest.  It was chocolate with cream cheese frosting and crushed Butterfingers between the layers.

The treat bags were "tiger tails"-Cheetos in a zebra print bag.  I got the tag from this blog. I've finally learned the lesson to make enough bags for each family that attends, not each guest.  I did not want extras in the house!

My amazing sister-in-law made tiger striped cupcakes.

Because we were planning on having the party at park I wasn't going to do much for decorations.  I got printables from the pbs website and the balloons were from Party City for like $5. I also used the site for her invitations and thank you cards.  I used the images and iron transfer paper to make shirts for the kids-Katerina for munchkin and Daniel Tiger for baby brother.

Because the girl has more than enough toys we suggested guests to help us build a collection of board games.  I think she's set for awhile.

Because of the new baby and working full time I had to scale back my party planning more than I would like but she had a great time, and that's what matters.

Monday, December 8, 2014

One month old!

The little guy is now a month old, although it feels like he's always been a part of our family.  It's been interesting to see the similarities and differences so far between him and his big sister.

How they are alike-
The face!  Everyone keeps remarking how much he resembles L as a newborn.  My friend LEBean says that she and I are just able to make the same kind of baby.

Nursing has been easy and so far, both have been fine taking a bottle.  Since I'll be going back to work in a month, I'm praying this will continue.

If we're out, he'll be asleep most of the time, except when he's hungry (about every 2 and a half hours).  He's definitely the easier child to take out in public right now.

They both are good escape artists with the swaddle blankets, although L was able to get out of them a little earlier on.

Loves the ceiling fan, even if it isn't moving.

How they are different-
At night L slept in the swing from about day 3; her little brother prefers to snuggle and sleep with us, but we're transitioning to the vibrating chair and he's been sleeping for longer stretches at night in it. He tolerates the swing off and on during the day.  Big sis likes to adjust the speed and music for him,

He spits up more.  It doesn't seem to bother him, but I have to keep the burp cloths accessible all the time to save our clothes.  His eyes are bigger than his stomach, like his father.

He is taking a pacifier a lot earlier, although he does like the same kind big sis did.  He's also a big fan of his fingers.  He was actually born with a callus from sucking on them in utero.

We think his eyes are turning blue, and his hair is coming in blonde!  L's hair didn't lighten until after a year.

Overall I'd say our family of 4 is adjusting well.  Things take a lot longer to get done around the house with 2 munchkins to feed, keep in clean diapers/Pull-ups, clothes and also happy.  This post, for example, was started 2 and a half days ago, and Christmas decorations took a few days to get put up and then a week for the storage boxes to be put away.  I've gotten lucky and both will occasionally be napping at the same time; then it's the big decision-do I sleep/relax or try to get a task completed? About half the time, dozing on the couch while Property Brothers plays in the background wins.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

First Week

At this time last week we were headed home from the birthing center with our SON!  November 6 was a whirlwind day.

I woke up to my alarm, set to get ready for an early morning at work but instead starting having contractions.  My doula arrived around 8 and by 9:30 we left for the birthing center, my husband saying Hail Marys the whole way up.  My 10:31 I was holding a baby, in shock that it was already over, given the munchkin had me in labor for a full day.  Then we decided to check the sex of the baby and were in even more shock to find out the sonographer was wrong back in July.  Fortunately my doula is expecting a son and lives a few minutes away from the birthing center so she lent us some clothes so the little guy didn't have to go home in a Daddy's Girl sleeper.  After skin to skin time, stitches, lunch, a fabulous herbal bath and multiple checking of the baby's vitals we were headed home, 5 hours after birth as expected.  I am so grateful that God answered my prayers for this delivery experience.  It has been so nice to recover at home.

I am loving being a hermit, watching Netflix that isn't Daniel Tiger (currently watching an Anthony Bourdain series), not wearing any makeup, and staying in pajamas all day.  My mom and husband have been wonderful help and big sister is adjusting really well and loves her baby brudder.  Friends and family have been super generous, buying and sharing TONS of clothes, bringing meals, and sending flowers.

Our little man is an easy baby, as long as he's fed he's happy, but once he decides he's hungry I've got about 2 seconds before he turns tomato red!  Nursing has been going well overall but I forgot how tiring it is to do it so frequently.  I'm taking advantage of the extra help to get a nap in during the day. My hubby and I are so much more relaxed this time around; taking care of someone so small really does come back to you like my friends said it would.  Continue to keep us in your prayers!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

30 months and 30 weeks

The munchkin is officially 2 and a half today.  The way she acts and talks you'd think she's much older.  It's fascinating to watch her figure things out and convey what she's thinking.  She knows her colors, if she sees letters calls them "ABCs".  She'll occasionally count "123" and can identify a few shapes.  She loves going on bike rides with her daddy to the playground, coloring, reading books, and watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  She's still in gymnastics once a week and other parents often comment on how strong she is and how well she can do the little routines (when she wants to follow directions).  She started Parent's Day Out this week and didn't even look back when we dropped her off.  We're really excited to see how much more she'll learn from being there, one that we're hoping for is potty training.  This summer ended up being so busy (I worked all of June, then we visited family most of July) that I couldn't get into a consistent routine, but even so, the interest isn't quite there yet.

Her little sister is 30 weeks along.  I found out I was pregnant 2 days before the munchkin's birthday and got her a Big Sister shirt to open as my way to announce it to her daddy. This pregnancy has been thankfully uneventful, but the first trimester was tougher than I remember it being before.  I wasn't working full time or chasing a toddler before so the nasuea and fatigue was especially rough.  We made the decision to deliver at a birthing center this time, so we're praying that this will be another smooth (and hopefully shorter!) labor without any complications that would require a hospital stay. The munchkin is excited about being a big sister and kisses my belly and talks to the baby.  We've been reading books and encouraging her to take good care of her baby dolls to try and prepare her. The office is now being taken over by baby stuff but we're so grateful for the generosity of friends and family to share things with us.  My co-workers have been great about making sure I don't push myself too much or carry heavy things.  The comments and questions from students are pretty cute, too.

We'll see if there's another post before the baby comes!