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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So on Sunday morning I checked my email and received about a dozen different messages with coupons for free goodies for my birthday.  I get so excited now when I find deals for free stuff that I wanted to share so you can have an even happier birthday!  And if you know of ones that I've missed, comment please.

Pie Five

 This is our lunch last weekend that cost us $5 and the receipt had one of those survey requests to get 20% off next time.  For your birthday you get a free personal pizza with as many toppings as you want.  The pizzas are big enough that you can share. They were having a special that day and drinks were a $1 and we split a salad and dessert.

Baskin Robbins
You get a free scoop of ice cream the week of your birthday and you get a coupon for another one when you sign up for emails.  They send out BOGO coupons for their featured flavor for the month.

Jersey Mike's
Free Regular sub and drink, has to be used on your birthday with ID.  They send out other coupons pretty regularly.

$30 off, has to be used Monday-Thursday.

Panera Bread
There's a surprise on my rewards card that I haven't redeemed yet, I've got 60 days to do it.

Free brownie sundae with entree purchase.  They send these and free app coupons out a lot, and kids eat free coupons.

Sweet Tomatoes
My favorite restaurant, and they just opened one close by our house.  BOGO with the purchase of 2 drinks.  If you get on their email list you'll get coupons weekly and I get print coupons with the newspaper often.

10% off your purchase and a free piece of chocolate.  Also you can go in once a month and get a free truffle, just give them your rewards card or email address.  I'll take Little L for a walk around the mall and get my treat so we have something to do in the afternoon.

Jason's Deli
$5 off.  I always fill out their surveys on the receipts to get a free cookie.

La Madeleine
Free pastry.  You get a free cup of soup when you sign up I think.

Free 1/3 lb burger with entree purchase.

Marble Slab
Free small cone on your birthday. They do free samples of new products every once in awhile.

Boston Market
Free dessert with meal purchase.  They send coupons frequently.

On the Border
Free queso or brownie sundae with entree purchase.  I get coupons often.

$3 off purchase and $3 off pie or cake.  They also gave me free yogurt on Mother's Day.

Taco Bueno
Free cheesecake chimichangas with combo purchase.  I always use their free taco coupons from Stars and Rangers games.

Which wich
Free regular sandwich.  I think I got a free sandwich when I signed up.

Register a gift card and get a free drink.  They have a star system where you can earn free syrups and drinks. You can register multiple cards to the same account.

Free yogurt on your birthday, just show your ID.  They've started a rewards program.

Bucca di Beppo
Free brownie sundae.  They have print coupons too.

Blue Mesa and El Fenix
A friend just told me about these places last night so it may be too late to cash in this year but I signed up my hubby whose birthday is August...

$5 coupon

Victoria's Secret
$10 coupon

15% off your purchase & they include a cute trinket with the coupon.

I'm probably not going to use all of these, particularly the ones where you have to purchase something, but lots of variety out there.  I'm not bothered by lots of promotional emails; most of the time I check my email on my phone so it's easily to scan and delete them.  And then periodically I check it on the computer and clean out old messages I didn't use.  Hope you can enjoy some of these too!

Update on more goodies 6/12
Dunkin Donuts
Free drink coupon is coming in the mail.

Free creamslush, drink, or tots.  You get to pick.

Dairy Queen
Blizzard BOGO

Blue Mesa
Free Sunday Brunch

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  1. Oh my goodness I never should have read this. Now I have a serious hankering for some American food.