Luke 10:41-42

"But the Lord answered her, 'Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; there is need of only one thing.'"

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My child is a genius

The munchkin keeps showing us all of the new things she's learning.  It's so fun to see how she's developing into this little person.  Last week she stayed still long enough for me to put her hair in pigtails and she looked so grown up, this little girl walking around instead of this baby.  L is great at catching herself with her hands when she gets to walking a little too fast but sometimes she forgets to look at the hazards up ahead.  She's figured out how to climb steps and will walk outside our back door if there's an opening.  She loves it outside, pushing her toys, trying to catch bubbles and attempting to eat whatever she can find-rocks, leaves, dirt.  She always perks up when she hears dogs bark and will say "woof woof" if you ask her what a puppy says.  She points up when she hears an airplane.  L likes to play with her baby doll and has started talking in a high pitched voice to her.  She's very curious about younger children.  She loves music and will bring you her books and toys that play songs and bounce up and down.  She is learning to hand you things when you ask her for it.  She shakes her head when we say "no" sometimes.  I'm working on the sign for "please" (rubbing your fingers on your chest).  Sometimes she'll pat her fingers on my chest instead when I ask her to say please.  Just this morning she was able to put her colored rings back on the pole.  Remember having that toy?  She won't put her shapes in the sorter, she likes to take the lid off instead.  At different times during the day she'll sit and read her books to herself.  Her attention span is pretty short when we try to read to her. We recently took a road trip back to Nebraska and she was an excellent traveler.  She had a great time being spoiled by all the relatives and friends, especially my mom.  We're excited to see what the summer will bring for our little family.

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